‘Let’s go!’ – this order spurs all tobogganers on and everyone pushes with all their might. Feet up and lean right back - this little trick helps you get faster and faster. To cope with the bends you brake slightly with both knees, then shift all your weight to the inside of the bend, with the outside of your foot pressed against the toboggan. This is how to have great fun tobogganing down into the valley through the deep snow-covered forest. But no-one wants to go first, since the real fun is when everyone is there together!

In any case tobogganing with friends is a high point during a winter holiday in Silberregion Karwendel. The wide selection of toboggan runs makes sure of this. There are 17 to choose from and each one is different. Whether it is sporty, leisurely, illuminated, natural – there is plenty of variety. Of course getting to the top together is also part of a proper fun toboggan ride. Strenuous at times perhaps, but a stop-off in an Alpine lodge for some tasty snacks and ‘Jagatee’ is sure to make it all better!

A winter holiday without a traditional toboggan run is a half-measure. Many toboggan runs can only be accessed on foot (trudging through the snow-covered winter forest makes the walk an adventure!), but many toboggan routes have a toboggan bus and a lift. Another tip on the edge: a toboggan run is fun, however there is something in particular which has to be paid heed to, as with other sports: match your tobogganing style to your abilities (especially if you’ve helped yourself to one or two fruit brandies to give you some Dutch courage for the descent ….)


The ice-skating rinks in Silberregion don’t just score points with their ice which is very well looked after. The panorama view at each individual rink is indescribable! Our ice rinks are set in the midst of the mountains in our snow-covered winter realm. Along with the rink in Schwaz there are two others in Jenbach and Vomp. The superb backdrop of the Alps and the clean air provide a pure winter adventure. Dance on the ice, chase after one another or just skate around together. Ice-skating is a part of winter as much as the snow, even in Silberregion Karwendel. It isn’t just children who glide across the ice, adults too have no end of fun on our ice rinks. Snap on a pair of ice-skating boots and venture onto the ice!

  • Schwaz
  • Vomp
  • Jenbach

Cross-country skiing

For cross-country skiers there are cross-country slopes in the valley and on the mountains in Silberregion Karwendel. Five altitude trails, with unforgettable views of the natural surroundings, have tracks in the winter. The altitude trails are unique thanks to the range of routes on offer and their superb location. From each individual slope you get a lovely view into the valley. Opposite you can see the mountain panorama of the Tux Alps and of the Karwendel range. The slope (30 km) which runs from Hinterriss to Eng in Alpenpark Karwendel is particularly impressive and has been awarded the slope ‘seal of approval’. Enjoy the tranquillity in wintry Risstal. The beautifully bedecked winter surroundings will take you aback.

These cross-country slopes in Silberregion Karwendel have tracks:
  • Hochpillberg: On the Hochpillberg a slope takes guests from Grafenast into the Alpine area of the Naunzalm (2 km). From Grafenast the slope also goes to Bärau (1.5 km).
  • Vomp: On Vomperberg high plateau a circular route at 8 km in length has tracks. In Hinterriss an impressive slope through the Rißtal to the natural monument "Großer" Ahornboden is tempting. Out and back the slope measures 30 km. – Recommended for trained and sports-oriented cross-country skiers.
  • Weerberg: Two altitude slopes which have unforgettable panorama views have had tracks arranged for you. The slopes are unique thanks to the range of routes on offer and their superb location. Suitable for sports-oriented cross-country skiers and leisure-oriented skiers. The 4.5 km slope through the Mitterberger-Felder is set in captivating surroundings and provides the ideal conditions for experts and beginners. The start of the cross-country slope is at Gasthof Huaberhof (Tennisstüberl). Another cross-country slope especially for beginners and experts is being prepared on the Ausserberg near Auerfeld (car park beside the fire station).

In the Alpine valleys around Schwaz, Buch, Jenbach, Stans and Vomp tracks are created on the slopes, as per the snow conditions. More detailed information on the condition of the slopes is available in the tourist information offices of Silberregion Karwendel Tourist Board.

Snow-shoe hiking

How can you enjoy and discover the pristine winter landscape in the most relaxed way and in an environmentally-friendly manner? On a snow-shoe hike!

The pristine winter landscape lies before us, wild and romantic. The only thing to be heard is the even crunching of our steps in the snow. On a snow-shoe hike you can see winter in a completely new light. Without any advance knowledge and without any particular physical pre-requisites everyone and anyone can go on specific tours to very impressive places in the winter landscape. And those of you who would like to go higher up into the Alpine terrain are best to take a guide, who is familiar with the local conditions and the avalanche situations. Across pristine blankets of snow, beneath snow-covered trees and past glistening snow drifts, you are guided through the natural surroundings on an unforgettable adventure. The tranquillity on the mountain will resound in your ears for a long time.

A love of the natural surroundings and a passion for exercise, that’s all you need to experience brilliantly lovely impressions, since you can get snowshoes and hiking poles at the tourist office. Experienced mountain and hiking guides from the region know the charming spots and the loveliest routes in Silberregion Karwendel. When the tour heads right up into the mountains snow-shoe guides provide you with the safety you need to really enjoy your Alpine experience. Nobody should head into Alpine terrain on snow-shoes on their own, especially not without knowledge of avalanches.

Ski touring

Some of the mountains in the region are well-known among those who go on ski tours. The most well-known ski tour mountain in the region and one of the best known in Tirol is the big Gilfert in Weerberg. Many tourers head up from there when conditions are favourable, especially from Innerst car park. From the car park the track then goes via Nonsalm up to the Gilfert. It’s then back across the white slopes to your car. A beautiful natural adventure, where a smidgen of endurance and above all experience in Alpine terrain and of avalanches is required.

Night ski tour

Every Thursday we start at 19.00 for night ski tour to Hecher. The climb is about 550 meters and takes about 1.5 hours. An experienced ski guide will accompany you on your first or even practiced steps to the Hecherhaus.

Attention: minimum number of participants 3, maximum 5 persons.

Registration until Wednesday evening in the office Schischule Kellerjoch or under +5242/623 29 32

Price on request