Toboggan Toni and his wife Käthe had three daughters together, Grete, Johanna (or “Hansi”) and Gertrude (or “Trude”).

Hansi and her husband Erich inherited the Lambyvilla from Toni!

So the four of them, Hansi, Erich, son Toni and daughter Birgit moved into the Lambyvilla and in 1952 opened the Frieden house, the origin of today’s Alpine Panorama-Hotel Frieden.

Built in 1928 as the “Lambyvilla”

The holiday home of the Lamby family from Germany.
Political circumstances forced the Lamby family to sell their villa to my great-grandfather, known as “Toboggan Toni”.

Toni was a visionary and pioneer up at the Rodel Hut or “Toboggan Hut”.

Back in 1909 locals and visitors were coming to Toboggan Toni at the Rodel Hut to enjoy the beautiful surroundings for themselves. The first pioneers of skiing were now on the move.

In 1931 the Hochpillberg was the venue for the Austrian championships: not as now on the Hecher but instead on the little Gamsstein.

In 1955 came a boom thanks to the construction of the cable car from Schwaz up to the Rodel Hut.

In 1960 the cable car from the Rodel Hut up to the Hecher was built. Sepp Hecher, landlord of the ski hut and father of Olympic medallist Traudl Hecher, enthusiastically ran the “Hecher” tea hut.

The years went by and building, extension and modernising work continued on the Frieden.


In 1975 daughter Birgit married Robert, also from Pillberg, who had travelled widely as a skiing and sailing instructor. The family grew with the arrival of sons Gert and Erich.

In 1977 Robert was granted a licence to open a ski school. In 1979 the ski hire business opened.








Since 2006 the Frieden is been running in the third and fourth generation.