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Steam bath with aroma of blossoms

A gentle sauna characterised by a relatively low room temperature (approx. 48°C) with correspondingly higher humidity.

Despite its gentle nature, the steam bath sauna causes considerable perspiration that removes all waste and toxins from the system. The steam bath sauna does not stress the heart and can therefore be recommended for those suffering from heart disease.

The humid air is enriched with essential oils and is good for those who suffer from pneumonia, tracheitis, angina or chronic bronchitis. The steam bath sauna is also especially effective against depression and stress as the wet steam and cool shower positively affect the nervous system. It has been proven that a steam bath sauna ensures fast recovery after colds and infectious diseases as well as improving the cardiovascular system and normalising the blood pressure.

Another invaluable advantage of a steam bath sauna is its cosmetic effect: the skin becomes soft, silky and fresh. These sweat baths have almost exclusively positive influences on mind and body and are also highly recommended for children and elderly people.

Finnish sauna

This is nowadays one of the most popular types of sauna, characterised by its hot, dry air.

The temperature in the sauna cabin varies between 80°C and 90°C. After the sauna you should cool off in a pool of ice-cold water, because the hot-cold cycle mobilises the body’s own defences, trains the elasticity of the blood vessels and has a positive effect on the nervous system. Here you can relax from work, enjoy a sauna session with friends, have a peaceful conversation or just relax. This pastime is regarded as the best way to reduce stress and fatigue.

You should have a Finnish sauna at the first signs of a chill or a common cold, then drink a cooling tea. Colds are stopped, the body is invigorated and helped to recuperate. Regular sauna visits strengthen the cardiovascular system, help fight chronic fatigue syndrome and increase the elasticity of the blood vessels. The sauna also counteracts unpleasant everyday complaints such as headaches, irritability, insomnia and increased appetite.

A unique highlight of our Finnish sauna is the celebrated hourly pouring of infusions over the hot stones to achieve different effects using different aromas. These changing aromas can also affect your mood. If you have already experienced this aspect of the Finnish sauna you will not want to miss it in the future.

Infrared sauna

Unlike many conventional types of steam bath, the infrared sauna has virtually no side effects.

On the contrary, it even stimulates the health. The positive effects of the infrared sauna were long a matter of doubt, but nowadays it is clear that infrared radiation stimulates and activates the body’s protective systems, helps in detoxifying and purifying, destroys certain viruses and can even completely heal certain metabolic illnesses. The effects of the infrared sauna are particularly evident on skin complaints. Everyone knows that dermatitis, acne and eczema can be difficult to cure: but when an infrared sauna is included in the complex therapy, a stable improvement or even a full cure can be achieved.

The advantages of this process are the healing properties of the infrared radiation and the health-promoting effects of the infrared sauna on people of all ages. Distinctive features of the infrared sauna are the moderate temperatures in the cabin and the rapidly induced heavy sweat. The infrared sauna can also have a very positive effect on the overweight, accelerating the metabolism and helping to produce lipolysis, normalising the hormonal situation and restoring regular lymph flow. This can of course be supported and complemented by our lymph drainage massage.

The infrared sauna has also been shown to have positive effects on those with urological diseases. It is particularly recommended after operations and injuries as it promotes quick wound healing: stitches and skin abrasions are cured, while bruising and even old scars disappear. It is thus no coincidence that the infrared sauna is known as the best family doctor.

Bio-brine panoramic sauna

The bio-brine panoramic sauna is heated to just 50-60°C with a humidity of 40-50%. The bio sauna has lower temperatures than in a classic (Finnish) sauna, usually around 45-60°C with a humidity of some 40-55%. It aids the circulatory system: a longer time than normal is spent in this type of sauna.

Our latest acquisition is not purely for show. Negative oxygen ions in combination with the brine mist produce an extra supply of ionised oxygen to improve the immune system and stimulate beauty from the inside. The cells of your skin are made more active, the basis for better elasticity and a healthy and attractive appearance. After just a short while you will experience the pleasant and lasting effects on your body and well-being...

Sea air contains many elements that result from the natural atomisation of salt water. The bio-brine sauna replicates the seaside climate through the pulverising of crystal salt to produce a permanent mist that activates the self-cleaning process of the respiratory tract.

Massage room

Massages - Great prospects for body, mind and soul

Enjoy our new designed massage room. With high-quality and local products, you can relax and unwind. Massage offers can be easily selected and booked on site.